Appendix E: Student Seminar Grading Policy and Evaluation


MCDB 7891 (Presenting Students)

It is expected that students presenting seminars will have invested the effort necessary to insure their presentation meets the criteria outlined in the Seminar Evaluation Form below.

We recommend that talks be put together well in advance and if possible, are practiced several times, with criticism from one or more colleagues, including advisors and post-doctoral fellows from the laboratory.

In order to receive an A or A- grade, students should meet most of the stated criteria in an excellent manner. B+, B or B- grades will be given when there is clear evidence of substantial effort, but the presentation falls short of expectations. If the presentation is sloppy or confused, or if it is clear that the student does not understand the material presented, a C or lesser grade will be awarded and the presentation will have to be repeated. Repeated presentations may not receive an A grade.

MCDB 7890 (Attending/Evaluating Students)

This course is graded S/U. It is expected that all students registered will attend all presentations, including the Molecular Life Sciences Seminar Series. Grades are based on attendance at both Student and Life Sciences seminars. Absences will be dealt with at the discretion of the faculty evaluators. 

Student Evaluation of MCDB 7891 Presentations

This Seminar Evaluation Form is intended to provide feedback to the presenting students to that they might improve their future presentations. Criticism should be detailed, constructive and compassionate.

A value of 2 is strongly affirmative-- excellent, only good comments, while a value of -2 is strongly negative-- poor, major improvement is needed.  In addition to assigning point values, please provide specific comments whenever possible.

Rev: August 2018