Section I: Programs of Study

The Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) Program is a campus-wide interdisciplinary unit with faculty drawn from multiple departments within eight colleges (Medicine; Arts & Sciences; Veterinary Medicine; Pharmacy; Food, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences; Dentistry; Nursing; and Engineering).  MCDB offers a course of study leading to the doctoral degree. The Masters degree is also offered but receives less emphasis; virtually all students applying to the program are considered for admission as potential doctoral candidates.  The course requirements and research experiences of MCDB students are designed to provide cutting edge training in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and closely related disciplines such as biochemistry and genetics.  Research training is very diverse.  Multiple research focus areas, consisting of faculty with common research interests, exist within the Program.  These include (in alphabetical order):  Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, DNA Replication and Repair, Gene Expression, Molecular Medicine, Molecular Neurobiology, Plant Molecular Biology, RNA Biology, and Virology.


Rev: August 11, 2015