Section II: Program Directors


The Program may have one director or two co-directors who share the responsibilities of director.  The director or co-directors must be MCDB faculty members with Mentoring or Non-mentoring status.  Faculty are appointed as director or co-directors by the dean of the Graduate School in consultation with the Graduate Studies Committee.  The terms of the directors or co-directors are 3 years in duration and are renewable.  The terms of the co-directors may be staggered.

The duties of the Program director or co-directors include:

  1. Supervise the Program Coordinator
  2. Exercise leadership in charting the development and implementation of Program goals, policies and practices
  3. Chair or co-chair the Graduate Studies Committee
  4. Manage and oversee Program operations including Program activities and student progress
  5. Propose, manage and oversee the Program budget
  6. Approve Program expenditures
  7. Approve applications for Candidacy and Graduation
  8. Approve applications for changes to a student’s Advisory Committee
  9. Work with students, faculty and the Graduate School to manage and respond to student issues as they arise, including issues relating to student performance and progress
  10. Work with students and faculty to resolve disputes and to implement and enforce disciplinary procedures


Rev: July, 2018