Section IX: Registration and Scheduling


Students are required to register for the appropriate number of credits each semester in order to be eligible for appointment as a Graduate Associate or Fellow. Without an appointment, students cannot receive a stipend or tuition benefits.

Students are not permitted to schedule courses outside the scope of the MCDB Program (i.e. those that are not core courses or approved electives) without written permission from their dissertation advisor and the Program director or co-directors.  Decisions concerning elective course selection should be made in consultation with the advisor whenever possible.  Students bear full responsibility for problems arising from failure to consult with their advisor regarding appropriate registration, failure to follow the advisor’s recommendations, or failure to comply with registration policies.

The number of credit hours registered for must comply with the following stipulations:

  1. Prior to passing the candidacy examination, students on Graduate Associate (GRA or GTA) appointments must be registered for at least 8 credit hours during each semester, except Summer term when the minimum is 4 credit hours. 
  2. Prior to passing the candidacy examination, students on fellowships must register for 12 credit hours each semester, except Summer term when the minimum is 6 credit hours. 
  3. Post-candidacy students must register for 3 credit hours each semester (including Summer).
  4. Registration for more than 3 credit hours post-candidacy requires prior written permission from the advisor and the Program director or co-directors.
  5. Post-candidacy students are required to be enrolled (i.e. registered for classes) every semester (excluding Summer term) until graduation. This is known as the Continuous Enrollment requirement. 

Explicit registration instructions will be provided each term. Registration is done online. Students should consult the Registrar’s website for the Master Schedule of Classes each semester for course offerings. Prior to registration, new International students are required to attend the Office of International Affairs (OIA) Orientation to release the SEVIS hold from their student record.

Note to returning students:  After an absence of one or more years you must obtain permission from the Program to re-enroll. 

Students wanting to reactivate their enrollment eligibility must submit the Permission to Reactivate Enrollment Eligibility form to the Graduate School. Students who have not enrolled for two calendar years must have their reactivation form signed by the Program director or co-directors.


Rev: August, 2018