Randa Breikaa

Randa Breikaa

Randa Breikaa

Advisor: Brenda Lilly


Nationwide Children's Hospital
575 Children's Crossroad
Columbus, OH 43215

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Areas of Expertise

  • Cell Biology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Gene Expression


  • MS: Ain Shams University
  • BSPS: Ain Shams University

I work in the cardiovascular field on vascular signaling. I am interested in understanding how the different cell types of the vasculature communicate together to control vascular functions and maintain homeostasis.  My focus us on Notch signaling between vascular endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells due to the importance of this signaling pathway for various cardiovascular developmental processes and its linkage to a plethora of cardiovascular diseases.  

Oral Presentations:

Randa Breikaa and Brenda Lilly, Endothelial Cell-specific Deletion of Jag1 Attenuates Notch Signaling in Concentric Smooth Muscle Cell Layers in the Adult Vasculature, Nationwide Children's Hospital 2018 Research Retreat 

Lightening talk at Nationwide Children's Hospital 2018 Research Retreat 

Poster Presentations:

Poster of the Week, Nationwide Children's Hospital, February 2020

American Heart Association Reception, December 2019

Nationwide Children's Research Retreat, November 2019

Vascular Biology 2019 Conference, October 2019

American Heart Association Reception, December 2018

North American Vascular Biology Organization- Vascular biology 2018 conference, October 2018

Grants and Fellowships:

2020-2021 NIH Predoctoral T32 Fellowship

2019-2020 Graduate Student Research Fellowship Award, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Leadership and Professional Experience:
2020 Ohio State Science Fair judging Committee
2020 Research Institute Trainee Association (RITA) Resources Development Officer, Nationwide Children's Hospital
2019 Cardiovascular Center representative for Research Institute Trainee Association (RITA), Nationwide Children's Hospital
2019 North American Vascular Biology Organization committee member 
2018-2019 Summer student poster judging committee, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Awards and Honors: 

2019: Award for best poster, Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Retreat 
2019: Graduate Student Research Development Award, Nationwide Children's Hospital 
2018: Award for best abstract in Cardiovascular Center, Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Retreat 


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