David Ignacio

David Ignacio

David Ignacio

Advisor: Adriana Dawes


630 Biological Sciences Building
484 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Cell Biology

We focus on investigating the molecular mechanism and function of dynein-mediated spindle orientation in the Caenorhabditis Elegans embryo. Specifically, we are interested in understanding how microtubules and a force-generating complex that facilitates dynein function work in concert to achieve proper spindle orientation and ensure normal development of the zygote embryo.


Ignacio, D.P., Coffman, V.C., & Dawes, A.T. (2018) Centriole Biogenesis: Symmetry Breaking and Site Selection. Trends in Cell Biology. 29, 3-5, doi:10.1016/j.tcb.2018.11.001

Oral Presentations: 

Ignacio, D. and Dawes, A.T., Small GTPases and Spindle Orientation in the C. Elegans zygote (Oral), Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, UT. 2017.

Poster Presentations: 

Ignacio, D., and Dawes, A.T., Regulation of dynein-mediated forces during centrosome positioning and how it directs cell division (poster), 22nd International C. elegans Conference, Los Angeles, CA. 2019
Ignacio, D., and Dawes, A.T., Correlating dynein localization to pronuclear movements in the one-cell C. elegans embryo (poster), 6th Annual Midwest C. elegans Meeting, Ypsilanti, MI. 2018.
Ignacio, D., Coffman, V.C., and Dawes, A.T., Small GTPases and Spindle Orientation in the C. Elegans Zygote (poster), Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology(FASEB), Regulation and Function of Small GTPases Meeting, West Palm Beach, FL. 2017.
Ignacio, D., Coffman, V.C., and Dawes, A.T., LET-99 and Spindle Orientation in C. elegans one-cell embryos (poster), The Ohio State University Life Sciences Integrated Graduate Program Symposium, Columbus, OH. 2017.


2019 Preparing Future Faculty Program, OSU

2017 Present President, Sport Organization Aikido Yoshokai, OSU

2016 Treasurer, MCDB, OSU

2015 Treasurer, MCDB, OSU


2019 Student Travel Award, MCDB

2019 Conference Travel Award, Genetics Society of America C. elegans Conference

2018 Honorable Mention Presentation Award, 6th Annual Midwest C. elegans Conference

2016 Services Travel Award, OSU Research and Diversity

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