Andrea Keller

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Andrea Keller

Advisor: Maria Mihaylova

Wiseman Hall Room 352C, CCC
410 West 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Cell Biology

Research Description:

The Gasdermin family of proteins is believed to play a role in pyroptosis, a type of inflammatory cell death involved in the immune response to infection by intracellular pathogens like bacteria and helminths. Much of the previous research has been limited to studying Gasdermin D, while little is known about the function and regulation of Gasdermin C in the context of the inflammatory response. Gasdermin C is believed to be cleaved by caspases in a similar fashion to Gasdermin D, following which an N terminal fragment is released that is able to form pores in the membranes of mammalian cells and induce lytic cell death. The focus of my research is to determine the mechanisms by which Gasdermin C is functionally acting in the small intestine, and its regulation in the contexts of aging and changing nutrient conditions.

Leadership and Professional Experience:
2019 Graduate Ambassador, The Consortium at Ohio State for undergraduate researchers

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