Monica Mannings

Monica Mannings

Monica Mannings

Advisor: Sharon Amacher

Areas of Expertise

  • Developmental Biology
  • RNA Biology

Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie mesodermal patterning in a process called somitogenesis. In all vertebrate species, undifferentiated mesodermal cells are organized into segmented units called somites, which are generated in a periodic manner along the anterior-posterior axis of the developing embryo. These somites will contribute to different tissue types, like the skeletal muscle, vertebrae, and dermis. A biological oscillator called the segmentation clock drives oscillatory expression of genes involved in somite formation. Using the zebrafish model system, my project is focused on identifying and characterizing post-transcriptional regulatory factors that control oscillatory expression of segmentation clock genes.

Kiel Tietz, Thomas Gallagher, Monica Mannings, Zachary Morrow, Nicolas Derr, Sharon Amacher. Cis-regulatory elements of cyclic transcript 3’UTRs confer Pnrc2-mediated instability. Developmental Biology. (in review).

Teaching Experience:
Spring 2019 - Graduate Teaching Assistant, Molecular Genetics (MOLGEN 4606), Molecular Genetics Department

Fall 2018 - Graduate Teaching Assistant, General Genetics (MOLGEN 4500), Molecular Genetics Department

Grands and Fellowships:
2017-2018, Dean's Enrichment Fellowship, Ohio State Graduate School

Leadership and Professional Experience:
2018-2019      Interdisciplinary Graduate Program Symposium Chair, Graduate Student Organization, (Ohio State University)

Honors and Awards:
2018- Zebrafish Development and Genetics Course Scholarship Award, Marine Biological Laboratory

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