DNA Replication & Repair

Interested in DNA Replication & Repair research? Take a look at what MCDB faculty are doing in this area:

Fishel, Richard

Biophysical chemistry and genetics of DNA repair.

Huebner, F. Kay

The laboratory uses tissue culture, mouse models and studies of mouse and human tissues to investigate the role of genetic changes at common chromosome fragile sites in initiation or progression of cancer. We are currently focusing on the roles of two fragile genes, which are involved in deletions early in cancer development, and in our more translational projects are studying microRNA and gene expression profiles in subtypes of breast cancer.

Kvaratskhelia, Mamuka

Understand HIV replication, cancer development and DNA repair processes at the molecular level, using mass spectrometry as both a proteomic and structural biology tool to elucidate the composition and architecture of key biological macromolecules.

Ludwig, Thomas

Functional analysis of the tumor suppressor genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 in normal and malignant development. Cancer biology.  Animal models of human cancer.

Parthun, Mark

The role of histone posttranslational modifications in the formation and regulation of chromatin.

Parvin, Jeffrey

Systems Biology, Breast Cancer, BRCA1, Ubiquitination.

Suo, Zucai

Lab utilizes in vivo and in vitro techniques to understand Hepatitis C (HCV) replication and regulation of innate immunity. Also, employs pre-steady state kinetics, x-ray crystallography and single molecule spectroscopy to investigate the enzymes involved in DNA/RNA replication, repair, and lesion bypass.

Williams, Marshall

DNA replication and repair in eukaryotic cells and herpes viruses.