Degree Requirements

In addition to the basic requirements of the Graduate School for the PhD degree, doctoral candidates must complete:

  1. A core program consisting of one course in DNA Transactions and Gene Expression, one course in Cell Biology, one course in Developmental Biology, and one course in Biochemistry of proteins and nucleic acids (four courses total)
  2. Three electives from an extensive list of courses in cell biology, developmental biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, and related academic areas.

Students complete the doctoral candidacy examination by the end of autumn semester in their third year.  Additional studies are focused on research and preparation of the doctoral dissertation.  Doctoral candidates are also required to participate in the MCDB Student Seminar Program, which involves oral presentations by students during the second and third years of their enrollment.  Petitions to waive any requirement will be considered on an individual basis by the Graduate Studies Committee.