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Core courses

Molecular Biology

Molecular Genetics/Biochemistry 5701DNA Transactions and Gene Regulation
(Autumn Semester, 3 credits)
DNA replication; DNA repair; chromatin and epigenetics; transcription, translation, and regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; emphasis on concepts and experimental analysis of gene regulatory mechanisms.


Biochemistry/Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry 6761:  Macromolecular Structure and Function
(Autumn Semester, 3 credits)
An advanced treatment of the physico-chemical properties of proteins and nucleic acids and their polymers; chemistry, biochemistry and structural biology of DNA and RNA.

Cell Biology

Molecular Genetics 5705Advances in Cell Biology
(Spring Semester, 2 credits)
An advanced study of selected key areas in eukaryotic cell biology.

Developmental Biology

Molecular Genetics 5715Developmental Genetics
(Spring Semester, 2 credits)
A study of the regulation of developmentally significant genes and cellular interactions involved in differentiation and pattern formation in invertebrate, vertebrate, and plant model organisms.

Rev: Jan, 2021