Entrance Requirements

General Requirements

An undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or greater, with fundamental training equivalent to an undergraduate major in the biological sciences, is required for regular admission.  It is highly recommended that the applicant have at least one course each in biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics.  Courses in developmental biology and cell biology are also recommended.  In addition, the student should have pre-requisite courses in physics, mathematics (including some calculus), and chemistry (at least through organic chemistry).  Previous research experience is highly desirable.  Applicants who have inadequacies with respect to these requirements, but who possess an otherwise promising record, may be granted conditional admission, with conditions as specified by the MCDB Graduate Studies Committee (GSC).

Academic Unit Transfer

Students may apply for a transfer from another Ohio State University academic unit by completing the Request for Transfer of Academic Unit form, available from the Graduate School. The GSC requires:

  1. A letter from the student, stating his/her reasons for transferring;
  2. Copies of the student's original application materials submitted to their original unit;
  3. Current reference letters; and
  4. Information concerning the student's performance while enrolled in Graduate School.

Transfer students must meet the same entrance requirements as other incoming students.  If the GSC approves the transfer, it will specify the admission classification and the courses already completed which will count toward the graduate degree in MCDB.