Gang Xin

Photo of Gang Xin

Gang Xin

Assistant Professor, Microbial Infection & Immunity

(614) 685-5476

592 Biomedical Research Tower
460 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Bioinformatics
  • Cancer Biology


  • PhD: Imperial College London

Dr. Xin’s laboratory focuses on understanding the mechanisms underlying resistance to cancer immunotherapy. Despite the revolutionary success of immunotherapies such as immune checkpoint-blocking (ICB) antibodies, only a small fraction of patients respond to these therapies owing to dysfunctional T cells and immunosuppressive myeloid cells in the tumor. To improve T cell function, our lab will employ cutting edge single-cell sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to identify a novel transcriptional mechanism of T cells exhaustion. Furthermore, we will also explore how the metabolic crosstalk between cancer cells and tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells shapes their inhibitory function against T cells. Ultimately, our goal is to exploit this knowledge to develop novel therapeutic strategies to broaden and boost the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy.

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