Research areas

Areas of faculty research include the following:

Bioinformatics -- applying computational methods to the collect, analyze and interpret biological data

Cancer Biology -- developing molecular tools for the detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer

Cell Biology -- studying the structure, organization and function of cells, the fundamental units of life

Developmental Biology -- exploring how cells form tissues, organs and organisms

DNA Replication & Repair -- studying how genomes are replicated and repaired

Gene Expression -- understanding the complex mechanisms and regulation of gene transcription and protein translation

Molecular Medicine -- studying the causes and treatment of human diseases at the molecular and cellular level

Molecular Neurobiology -- understanding the molecular basis of nervous system function

Plant Molecular Biology -- studying the molecular mechanisms of plant development and physiology

RNA Biology -- studying the diverse roles of RNA in cellular function and gene expression

Virology -- the study of the molecular mechanisms of viral infection, replication and disease

Other Areas of Research -- research topics that lie outside the main focus areas listed above