13th Annual IGP Symposium

May 24, 2019
13th Annual IGP Symposium

The 13th Annual Life Sciences Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs Symposium took place on Tuesday, May 21st.  Student research from the four Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs: the Biophysics Graduate Program, the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Program, the Neuroscience Graduate Program, and the Ohio State Biochemistry Program, were highlighted.  The MCDB Program had seven student winners: Swagata Goswami (Poster), Matias Montes (Poster), Christopher Schwebach (Poster), Yajun Liu (Poster), June Yoon (Poster), Justin Middleton (Oral Presentation), and Kaitlin Hamilton (MCDB Student Plenary Talk).  Dr. Guramrit Singh, Assistant Professor in the Molecular Genetics Department, was selected as the MCDB student-nominated faculty speaker.

Special thanks also goes out to Monica Mannings, 2nd year MCDB student in Sharon Amacher's Lab, for her assistance on the Symposium Organizing Committee.


MCDB Winners of the 13th Annual IGP Symposium


MCDB student winners (left to right): Swagata Goswami (Muthusamy Lab), Matias Montes (Chandler Lab), Christopher Schwebach (Kudryashov Lab), Justin Middleton (Hai Lab), Kaitlin Hamilton (Amer Lab), Yajun Liu (Wu Lab), & June Yoon (Obrietan Lab).