The MCDB handbook contains policies, rules, procedures and general information affecting the students and faculty of the Program.  Parts of this handbook refer to and parallel sections of the Graduate School Handbook.  Program regulations define or extend Graduate School policies as they relate specifically to MCDB students and faculty.  It should be noted that, although no regulation promulgated by the MCDB Program may contradict Graduate School regulations, some MCDB rules and standards are more stringent than the basic Graduate School policies. Where no specific policy has been stated by MCDB, Graduate School regulations apply.

Section   I:          Programs of Study

Section   II:         Graduate Studies Committee

Section   III:         Faculty Membership

Section   IV:        Student Admission

Section   V:         Registration and Scheduling

Section   VI:        Academic Standards

Section   VII:        Rotations, Advisor and Advisory Committee

Section   VIII:       Doctoral Degree – General Information

Section   VIII-A:    Candidacy Examination

Section   VIII-B:    Dissertation and Final Oral Exam

Section   IX:         Master’s Degree

Section   X:          Financial Support

Section   XI:         Helpful forms and links 

A.1:         MCDB Core Courses

A.2:         Typical MCDB Schedule and Requirements

A.3:         MCDB Degree Requirements Audit form

B:           Approved Electives

C:           Policies Related to MCDB Graduate Associates

D:           Seminar Requirements and Guidelines

E:           Seminar Grading Policy and Evaluation Form

F:        PDF icon MCDB Annual progress report
               (formerly known as the Post Candidacy Student Progress Form)

G:           Candidacy Examination Research Proposal Evaluation Form

I:            Category P Status Application

J.1:        MCDB Rotation Information Form

J.2:       MCDB Advisor Agreement Form

J.3 :      MCDB advisory committee selection


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